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About using the radiation dose calculation page
Although there are actually several routes for the same flight, only the most representative routes are selected and provided for the convenience of users. Therefore, for the same flight, the route is always the same, but the radiation dose map applied to the calculation may vary depending on the date of application. In addition, for comparison, the result calculated by the Great Circle Route is provided separately.
If you enter a past date in the ‘Departure Date’, KREAM calculates and displays the radiation dose for that date. On the other hand, if a future date is entered in the ‘Departure Date’, KREAM calculates and displays the radiation dose for the past date corresponding to the solar cycle of that date. Please note that we are not actually predicting the future. Available dates are from August 1st, 1996.
The routes shown on the map show routes that have actually existed in the past for the same flight. In the graph at the bottom, you can see the dose rate (μSv/hr). If you click ‘Flight Altitude’, you can see the flight altitude (km) according to the flight time.
If the flight is the same, the departure time and arrival time, total flight time, and flight distance appear the same. On the other hand, the cumulative radiation dose varies depending on the date.
There may be more than one route for some flights. If ‘Change Route’ is enabled, you can click on it to view information about other routes.
If you click ‘Great Circle Route’, all information is changed to the calculation result for the Great Circle Route. At this time, the standard flight altitude is 11 km.


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